High Tech Campus


The location

With Eindhoven as a more than logical location. Where else in the world should the most intelligent athletes compete? Certainly when it is realised that this sport is widely followed by the young beta target group that is so interesting to Eindhoven.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is the smartest km² in Europe with more than 220 companies and institutes, and 12,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working on developing future technologies and products. The Campus helps you accelerate your innovation by offering easy access to high tech facilities and international networks. Campus companies (like Philips, NXP, TomTom, Shimano, Signify, IBM, Intel) strategically decide what knowledge, skills and R&D facilities they share in order to achieve faster, better and more customer-oriented innovation in the application fields Health, Energy and Smart Environments. Located at the heart of Brainport, Campus companies are responsible for nearly 40% of all Dutch patent applications.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven has set itself an ambitious goal: become the most #Sustainable Campus in Europe by 2025. There has never been so much attention on issues such as global warming and the growing population. These phenomena come with huge societal and environmental challenges. Technology and innovation can play an important role in solving the problems the world faces.

As a central hotspots for technological innovations in Europe, we strongly feel the responsibility to take the lead in sustainability. We want to become the most sustainable campus in Europe.

Open innovation is in our DNA

Cooperation is the decisive factor for successfully bringing new technology to the market. From the moment Philips established the Campus in 1998 to bring all its national R&D activities together in one location, cooperation on technological innovations has been central here. The reason: the concentration of high-quality knowledge and the open atmosphere in which researchers work together means that they can develop new technologies in a shorter period of time and companies can introduce them more quickly. This cooperation and knowledge sharing form our Open Innovation working method; an important part of the DNA of High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Since Philips opened the Campus to other technological companies and research institutes in 2003, this process has only accelerated. High Tech Campus Eindhoven grew into the current independent and dynamic ecosystem. A community where you are part of a network of more than 200 companies with knowledge workers who together develop and market technologies for new products and services.



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